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The body core functional training platform, presents a new dimension in exercise for all ages, lifestyles, and physical abilities


WBV Whole Body Vibration        WHAT

Whole body vibration training has its origins in medicine and science.
It works by a vibrating platform which transmits vibrations to the human body by standing, sitting or engages different exercises on the platform. The vibrations cause the human body to respond with a strength reflex which causes the muscle to contract. This is not only beneficial for the muscles, but your overall well-being.

WBV is the way of the future

The potential benefits of  WBV ranges from an immediate improvement in cardiovascular health, to a variety of  measurable outcomes, such as muscle strength and endurance, body flexibility and ROM, better core conditioning, stability, and faster recovery.  Research about the effectiveness of the Whole Body Vertical Vibration method have been published in major accredited Journals of

  • Nature
  • American College of Sports Medicine
  • European Journal of Applied Physiology
  • Biology of Sport
  • Spine
  • Medicine Science and Exercise Physiology
  • Aviation Space Environ Medicine
  • Lancet
  • Clinical Physiology
  • Journal of Sports Sciences
  • International Journal of Sports Medicine
Day Back
The「 Whole Body Vibration Theory」was first touched upon the writings of  ” Mechanical Vibration” by Arnold Snow, M.D., in 1912。it was practiced in the former Soviet Union by the scientist Nazarov who applied different forms of vibration on top athletes, such as rowers and gymnasts。

Later In the 1970‘s, vibration training was particularly used by cosmonauts and ballet dancers to strengthen their muscle and bone density. The Russian cosmonauts who have carried out WBV training gained excellent outcomes especially in bone density, muscle power and endocrine. As a result they were able to stay in space for 420 days, which was 300 days longer than American astronauts who took more traditional exercise regimens that had to terminate their stay in space in 120 days.

Thereafter, WBV has been further integrated into different fields of athletic training, rehabilitation, wellness, and prevention.

For different training goal users, frequency and amplitude help to create the personalized intensity during WBV training. The physical improvements which can be achieved by single machine is unmatched by any product in the market nowadays

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WBV Benefits  
  • strength and power training for athletes
  • ligamentous knee injuries / repairs
  • acute back problems
  • osteoporosis
  • neuromuscular disorders, MS
  • obesity (via hormonal effects)
  • diabetes (to improve circulation)
  • incontinence (via muscle strengthening)

  • postural stability
  • Bosco et al  was the first scientist to prove that every person has his own muscle frequency and that human bodies are designed to absorb vertical vibrations better due to the effects of gravity. He also stated that, many machines vibrate in three different directions: sideways (x), front and back (y) and up and down (z). The z-axis has the largest amplitude and is the most defining component in generating and inducing muscle contractions.
  • Abercromby at al and Burkhardt stated that vertical movement is the most defining component in generating and inducing muscle contractions. They also concluded that vibrations transmitted to the brain were significantly less with non-side alternating systems
  • Other findings include:
    - Perceptions of fatigue were comparable
    - Some subjects experienced leg edema, erythema, and itching from WBVV
    - Fatigue associated with intense WBVV attributed to neuromuscular system,
      not cardiovascular insufficiency
    - Cardiovascular risk for this exercise with elderly considered “negligible.”

Good to Knows  
Increase Muscle Strength and ability   The vibrations cause one’s body to recruit and contract more muscles as a stretch reflex. This enhances the muscles strength and ability over time. It is also very safe and effective.
Enhance Flexibility and Range of Motion  The high accelerations cause reflex muscle contractions, which cause one’s muscles to lengthen as they contract and release, enhance more flexible and range of motion.

Relieves Lower Back Pain   The massaging effect helps to release tension and pain associated with lower back pain. Also, weak muscles around the lower back region are strengthened to assist in supporting one’s posture and back.

Enhances Postural Stability (Balance)   The contracting of one’s  core and back muscles results in stronger muscles to help stabilize and correct one’s posture.

Enhances Sports Performance     The contracting of one’s  muscles increases muscle density making one stronger. It also encourages  the use of one’s fast  twitch fibers which push up one’s  moving speed.  It also accelerate recovery time by clearing out excess lactic acid by transferring into one’s lymphatic system.

Assists Weight Loss When muscles contracts with higher number of  repetitions in a short time leads to an increase in metabolic rate which burns more calories. Because muscles are contracting 100% and it is more effective- this means burn more calories and cause the fat to transform into muscle over time.

Improves Circulation The contracting muscles encourage blood vessels to open and blood to be pumped around the body at a more rapid rate. This means waste products are removed quicker, damaged tissue is cleared out faster and restorative nutrients are brought to the muscles tissue more efficiently. This leaves you feeling fitter and healthier.

Increases Hormone Profile Due to the intensity of vibration training, increase the blood flow and oxygenation throughout the body. This causes the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) to increase. This is the hormone which regenerates and repairs tissues. It also lowers the Cortisol levels, which cause stress and increase testosterone levels, that improve muscle strength and tone. It also increases endorphins which elevate your mood and suppress pain.

Prevents Bone Mineral Loss/ Increases Bone Density   The impact of vibrations have directly on the bone and muscle causes the bones to become stronger as the bone adjusts its strength to handle the impacts applied on it. This also stimulates the production of new bone tissue by the increase in hormones such as Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone.

Improves Quality of Life    All of the above benefits  lead to an improvement in the quality of one’s life.
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