Amateur Exercise and Health Protection
A great solution for people who enjoy an active lifestyle, but do not have the time for a 45 minute work-out three times a week. 10~15 minutes of WBV per day produces similar effect as the common exercise in one day.

4 Hz below   recover the muscle fatigued into active
5~6 Hz   Chinese breathing exercise-Chi, from deep inside of a body to massage inner organ and tissue
6-8 Hz   relax, stress release
8-10 Hz   enhance metabolism, body shaping
11 Hz up   improve muscle strength and bone density

Pro Sports  The must-know choice for people who take training seriously.

5~15Hz   for warm up and cool down, improve muscle performance
20~40Hz   for explosive muscle strength and nervous system training

Medical Rehabilitation 

As a passive exercise, it’s conducive to conventional therapies, helps to induce rehabilitation effectiveness. It’s most favorable for those who are inactive in motion or limited to exercise by themselves, start with a sitting position with feet on or standing on the plate. WBV helps muscles contracts with higher number of repetitions in a short time, increases the bone density with muscle strength, enhance the internal secretion (such as HGH, IGF-1 and testosterone), improve the bleed vessel circulation to avoid the muscular dystrophy, osteoporosis or poor digestion.

Design Technology


BodyGreen 100% Vertical Design

  • The key merit of our WBV is in the patented LINKAGE system design , which allows it to execute a true vertical motion in each amplitude setting (1mm to 30mm), no limit on platform size, max load up to 300kgs,. This design offers its users with the widest options of  frequency 1.5 ~40 Hz (speed) for variable intensity to match with training modality and goal, be it rehabilitation, extreme athletic training, body shaping, or healthier lifestyle.

  • Completely different from other brander vibration patterns in the market. With such LINKAGE system, the G force of our WBV is controllable in each setting (amplitude vs vibration speed) is comply with the International Safety Organization (ISO 2361) recommended G-Force levels for human tolerance of vibration. Besides, it eliminates the risk of parallel forces to the tendons and joints.

Happy Options

Invite You to Join The New Fitness Age

1.5~7mm, 5-20 Hz
AC motor, inverter

WBV001B Multi-Sport
1~4mm, 5~30Hz
AC motor, inverter

WBV002B Amateur
Exercise and Health Prevention  
6mm, 3-10 Hz
AC motor, inverter

Vending machine
2mm, 2.5~15Hz
DC motor

For more product information or special training modality, please contact your distributor or

Good to Know Design Technology

Frequency and Amplitude

Frequency and amplitude formulate the intensity of WBV.

AA Every TSUYOKU WBV model has set bundle of amplitude and frequency (speed) that create a G-force less than 2G. (Jogging typical creates a 2-3G force on the body). As body is responsive to the frequencies, it is advisable to select the frequency which suit for one’s physical condition and/or training goal.

It’s notable Tsuyoku vibration machine has NO excessive G-force to the body while comparing with other vibration branders, which G-force is apt to arises from ineffective frequency ranges (typically 35-50Hz).

BB  The Tsuyoku WBV platform provides a true linear vertical motion of 1-30mm in amplitude. The Vertical movement is the most effective way to transfer energy into the human body – allowing an accelerated full body workout with the use of GRAVITY. True linear vertical movement involves more muscle activation, more resistance, and more range of motion. These 3 improvements combine for a better cardio workout and quicker burning of calories.

Comparing the results with other branders’vibration machine of like-for-like studies has shown that pure vertical motion increases electromyography (EMG) activation of muscles  8–13% MORE effectively than conventional WBV.

CC  The range of frequency is much wider. With the greater displacement in amplitude, frequency ranges from 1.5Hz–40 Hz. The user can enjoy longer durations on the platform, which equals more results. This also provides a safer, more natural movement for the user’s joints and eliminates the dizzying“head vibe”effect.
Table of different WBV branders                            Smart Comparison

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Some Researches
Around 148 researches can be found at with key word “whole body vibration training”.
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The effect of vibration results calls 'Tonic Vibration Reflex' or 'TVR'. That is a repeated moyotatic reflex or stretch reflex. This means that the vibrated muscle has to work very hard, while the subject or player using Aerobics Vibrator does nothing other than balance on the working platform. The effect of per pulsation is like that of the knee jerk reflex. This muscle activity can be measured by use of electromyography (EMG). For example, in a one repetition maximum effort, the muscles involved are activated 100% voluntarily. However with vibration training on Aerobics Vibrator the muscles work at 200 to 300% of this IRM activation. This is an ideal way to train, especially when the muscle does not function properly, such as the weakened muscles in the elderly, over weight, or after injuries.

Bone Density

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Oxygen Uptake

Oxygen Uptake in Whole-Body Vibration Exercise: Influence of Vibration Frequency, Amplitude , and  External Load


Research shows that after whole vibration training (just one session !), there is a high excretion of Testosterone and Growth Hormone. There is also a drop in the stress hormone cortisol. This combination has favorable effects on muscle protein synthesis. Effect of vibration training on Hormones: (Source: Bosco et al 2000)

  Testosterone: + 7%
  Human Growth Hormone: + 460%
  Cortisol: - 32%

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Motor Neurons + Neural Adaptations

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The Elderly

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Physiological Factors

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Performance and Balance

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Contraindication and Precautions

  1. Pregnancy
  2. Recent or possible thrombosis
  3. Cardiovascular complaints, e.g. valve disorder
  4. Recent surgeries, scars or fresh wounds
  5. Foot, knee and hip implants
  6. Any metal/synthetic implants, e.g. pacemaker
  7. Lumber disc problems
  8. Acute inflammations or infections
  9. Migraine headaches
  10. Epilepsy
It’s advisable to consult your professional trainer, physician before taking a new exercise program. THIS INCLUDES A PROGRAM INVOLVING THE USE OF A WHOLE BODY VIBRATION MACHINE.  Especially the user who encounters any sort of  physical limitations.

One should carry on with a beginner’s program which he/she feels comfortable with. And gradually move to level-up intensity. whenever  DIZZY, FAINT, SHORT OF BREATH, OR ANY PAIN  is reflecting your body condition either over your capable intensity, or require immediate professional consultation.   STOP  RIGHT AWAY, AND  CONSULT WITH YOUR PROFESSIONAL TRAINER OR  PHYSICIAN.
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